Forbes Capital


FORBES CAPITAL. & TREASURY ADVISORY (“FC&TA”) is a financial and treasury advisory firm that works alongside small and medium sized business owners by helping our clients secure the financing they need throughout the life cycle of their business; from breaking-ground to expansion. We help businesses that are seeking: traditional bank loans, consultations for property acquisition or refinancing, capital project financing, mezzanine lending and private funds from non traditional lenders to achieve their strategic and growth objectives either through organic expansion or acquisitions or restructuring.

We also help clients by conducting a treasury review to help ensure your bank is able to justify the cost of their services and that they are looking out for your organization’s best interests.

Lastly, we assist clients in special loans and bank exit situations. Clients usually faced with extra reporting and more scrutiny taking time away from the business. A company in special loans also experiences a great degree of uncertainty around continuation of financing which can have a negative impact on various aspects of the business. Our successful experience in helping clients work with and transition from Special Loans can be very helpful when your business is having a tough time with your bank.

Our advantage is we are former senior commercial bankers who have worked at several of the Big 5 Commercial Banks in various roles in commercial banking, cash management, and special loans. We speak the “Banker’s” language which helps shorten the time involved in obtaining an approval.


Forbes helped us during a very stressful period for our business. We were shifting our business model which required significant capital and our current lender was not very supportive. With Forbes assistance and guidance we were able to secure the additional capital we needed to expand the business. During the course of their work Forbes also identified significant cost savings on our credit card fees and made our payment processing tasks more efficient. We look forward to working with Forbes on an ongoing basis.

Don, Bolton, ON

I was purchasing a location for my new restaurant and discovered that lenders were not very open to providing financing for a new operator that was making a significant investment. Forbes was referred to me through a business associate and not only were they successful in securing financing, they also set me up with payment processing and recommended the right banking services for my business. I have had no hesitation in recommending Forbes to many business owners looking for financing.

Beauty, Brampton, ON

Our business, a niche specialty beverage retailer, which was only two years old was experiencing tremendous growth. We had outgrown our existing location and put in an offer to purchase a large property to propel our growth. However, we had no idea on how to obtain financing for such a large purchase and knew that the business’s short tenure would not be viewed favorably by lenders. We enlisted Forbes to help us secure financing. They did a fantastic job by holding our hand every step of the way. We were presented with multiple offers for financing to consider and ended up closing our purchase on time. Forbes helped negotiate very favourable rates and terms for the financing and we are very thankful for their assistance.

Steven, Markham

Why Choose Us?


We understand lending practices as well as the decision-making process used by lenders and we use this knowledge to improve the chances of acceptance of loan applications.


Forbes has over 40 years tenure in commercial baking and we have seen all possible types of financing situations. This means that you can be confident that we will find a solution for your business.


We will conduct ourselves with honesty and be fair to all sides involved in the process.


We have a vast network of professionals in the finance, legal and business consulting areas that can be brought in to help you achieve and surpass your business goals.


We use a disciplined approach and work on your behalf in order to secure the best deal.


Our success in delivering successful outcomes for our clients and partners speaks for itself.